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“All of Radhika's recordings are well produced, thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended.”
Lee Underwood
, Tower Pulse

“Radhika's music is a delightful blend of the melodic intimacy of chamber music united with the depth and emotional harmony of New Age music. It is a real treat.”
Chris Cameron
, WHUS Radio

“Let the harmonious tones of Radhika's flute breeze into your heart like a gentle caress.”
Stephen Hill
, Music from the Hearts of Space


Beautiful works for flute, cello and piano featuring Grammy Award winning cellist David Darling and pianist Tony D'Anna. Graceful, light-filled, soothing.

  1. Dancing Light

  8. Returning

  2. All is Love

  9. Mountain Dreams

  3. Skye Boat Song

10. Nocturne

  4. Para Cecilia

11. Morning Grace

  5. Breath of a Dancer

12. Where Does Love Begin

  6. Courtly Dance

13. Chorale

  7. Little Waltz

14. O, Fragile Beauty

  CD: $15.00


Heaven was inspired by the possibility of bringing the listener to that place after death or in life where one experiences peace. It is a tribute to my teacher Swami Satchidananda who passed away in August 2002. Twenty years ago he asked me to make an album to help people become peaceful and relaxed. This is my tenth flute recording following his advice, and is a fond farewell to the incredible soul who gave me and the world so much peace. May you capture a glimpse of his greatness in this music.

Alto and C flutes, recorder, glockenspiel (Radhika Miller), piano, marimba, accordion, dumbek, shaker (Tony D'Anna), cello (David Darling), mandolin (Peter Rowan), tamboura (Leslie Curchack), acoustic guitar (Chip Dunbar).

1. If I Could Fly

10. Heaven's Dawn

2. Spring

11. Soaring

3. Dancing Dirge

12. Open the Window, Noah

4. The Star of the County Down

13. Song for Gurudev

5. Prisoner for Life

14. The Cliffs of Dooneen

6. Joy

15. Floating Dreams

7. Offertoire

16. Blue Heron's Plea

8. My Lagan Love

17. Meditation

9. A Scotch Lullaby

18. Heaven

CD: $15.00


Fresh compositions inspired by the French Impressionists with flute (Radhika Miller), harp (Michelle Sell and Karen Gottleib), cello (David Darling), and piano (Tony D'Anna and Jeanette Tietse)...infused with a light that is both brilliant, tranquil and tender. Highly recommended! Great for massage and yoga!

1. Monks On The Go

  9. Pavanne

2. Arabesque

10. Emma

3. Lost My Shoestring

11. Folksong

4. Carol Of The Mother

12. Arietta

5. Chopinesque

13. Salve Regina

6. Reverie

14. Celtic Lullaby

7. Bride's Bouquet

15. Circle Of Three

8. Unspoken Love

CD: $15.00


A superb blending of traditional and original melodies designed to create a peaceful environment of love, light and beauty. Includes flutes (Radhika Miller), harp (Michelle Sell), piano (Rob Ramos) and sounds of nature in works by Debussy, Bach, O'Carolan, Miller and Gregorian chant. Our best seller. Great for massage and yoga!

1. Sunrise

  8. Embrace The Wind

2. Sheebeg Sheemore

  9. The Swan

3. Spiritual

10. Largo E Dolce

4. Presto

11. Arabesque

5. En Bateau

12. Gregorian Chant

6. Evolene

13. Heart Of Dusk

7. Give Me Your Hand

CD: $15.00


Variations on the theme of grace in an album of lullaby-like serenades for alto flute and recorder (Radhika Miller), harp (Michelle Sell), French horn (Alicia Telford), strings (David Darling) and piano (Louis Magor, Allaudin Mathieu and Tony D'Anna). Great for massage and yoga!

1. Jewelled Light

  7. Lullaby For Mary

2. Sylvan Streams

  8. Motherless Child

3. The Salley Gardens

  9. Whispers In The Wind

4. Her Majesty's Lullaby

10. Breeze Of Grace

5. Little Mother

11. Noblesse

6. Night Herding Song

CD: $15.00


Joyous creations for pipe organ (Dorothy Papadakos), cello (David Darling), flutes and recorders (Radhika Miller), piano (Allaudin Mathieu and Dorothy Papadakos), harp (Michelle Sell) and percussion (Ted Moore and Tony D'Anna) recorded in the magnificence of NY's Cathedral of St. John the Divine. One of our all-time favorites! Great for massage and yoga!

1. Origins

  7. Petrathaki

2. Shepherd's Joy

  8. Song For Alia

3. Net Of Gems

  9. Praise Singer

4. Children Of The Sun

10. Azure Blue

5. Island In Infinity

11. The Call

6. The Waltzing Tear

12. Puppets And Pipers

CD: $15.00


Bright and reflective pieces for dance and celebration with mandolinist Mike Marshall, bassist Edgar Meyer, guitarist John Stewart, cellist David Darling, harpist Michelle Sell, pianist and percussionist Tony D'Anna, and Radhika on recorders and flutes.

1. Dam Up A River To Style Your Hair

  8. Free Amalgamation

2. Jungle Joy

  9. Moonlight Passing

3. I Once Loved A Lass

10. Adoremus

4. Romanian Nightingale

11. The Water Is Wide

5. Reverence

12. Vignette

6. I Gave My Love A Cherry

13. Here And Faraway

7. Singing Winds

CD: $15.00


Holiday minstrel magic with delightful renditions of familiar favorites on traditional medieval and renaissance instruments plus refreshing originals for flute and recorders (Radhika Miller), harp (Michelle Sell and Cheryl Ann Fulton), piano (Louis Magor), cello (David Darling), vielle and rebec (Shira Kammen), mandola (Peter Rowan), kalimba and dulcimer (Tony D'Anna). CD Review gave it their highest rating. "Simply the most striking Christmas album of any year." Great holiday gift item!

1. Deck The Halls

  8. Blossoms In The Snow

2. Bring A Torch, Jeanette Isabella

  9. A Spotless Rose

3. In Dulci Jubilo

10. The Lamb

4. Renaissance Maidens

11. Carol Of The Bells

5. Noel Nouvelet

12. I Wonder As I Wander

6. Magi Minstrels

13. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel And What Child Is This

7. Lo, How A Rose

CD: $15.00


1993 Parents Choice Best Album Award! Inspired children's music featuring the humor and genius of Peter Rowan, Jerry Douglas, Fred Curchack, Mike Marshall, Edgar Meyer, Sally Van Meter, and other bluegrass greats performing tongue-twisters, stories, sing-alongs and dance tunes.

1. Laughing Waters

  9. Abiyoyo

2. Whether The Weather

10. Jabberwocky

3. Freight Train

11. Barefoot Country Road

4. If You Cross A Stick

12. The True Story

5. Alfred The Hog

13. Bette Botter

6. Simple Gifts

14. Fellini Fun

7. Full Fathom Five

15. Singin' The States

8. On The Wings Of Horses

CD: $15.00

Activities Sheet: $3.00


The original classically based serenity album with meditative alto and C flutes (Radhika Miller), piano (Bill Quist and Jim Moran) and sounds of nature in works of Bach, Telemann, Dvorak, Miller and Gregorian chant. Great for massage, yoga and children's bedtime!

1. Dawn

5. Adoremus Te Devote

2. Telemann Duet

6. Ether Bleu

3. New World

7. Amora

4. Vivace

8. Peace

CD: $15.00


A soothing collection of world music, Debussy and an Irish lovesong. Includes alto and C flutes, recorders (Radhika Miller), sitar (Leslie Curchack), harp (Michelle Sell), kalimbas, Chinese harp and waterphone (Tony D'Anna).

1. Mbira's Song

5. Irish Lovesong

2. Song Clouds

6. Message Of The Flying Bird

3. La Fille Aux Cheveux De Lin

7. Soul Of The Sea

4. Breath Of A Passing Breeze

CD: $15.00


Lovely renaissance and traditional melodies for flute (Radhika Miller), harp (Michelle Sell), and piano (Rob Ramos) with classically inspired improvisational duets featuring cellist Eugene Friesen.

1. The Lark's Bride

  8. Follow Me

2. Lai Et Rotrouenge

  9. Oceansong

3. Skylarking

10. Circle Of Light

4. Rise Up Shepherd

11. Estampie

5. St. John's Samba

12. Pastorale

6. Lo, How A Rose

13. Summer Night

7. Palestrina Motet

CD: $15.00

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